Aldis is the God of Light, a Royal God, and heir to the throne of Myth. After his father died, Aldis was dragged into a war with his younger brother, Traxis.

History Edit

Aldis was born to the King of Myth as the eldest son. Soon after Aldis, came Traxis, God of Darkness. The Royal Aldis was quite popular among the whole of Myth. Soon, after the King of Myth died, his younger brother, Traxis, took the throne from him, capturing and trapping him in a cage. Aldis was soon rescued, and defeated Traxis once more. However, Traxis was not to give up so easily, and returned, beginning one of Myth's greatest wars.

Personality Edit

Aldis was known to be very benevolent by the general populace of myth. He cared for the freedom of all beings, the equality of mortals to gods. He and Traxis always had hated eachother deep down, due to their differences. Aldis is also known to be slightly arrogant.

Appearance Edit

Aldis wears white and gold armor, with golden, wavy hair. When not wearing armor he wears white robes.