Legend of the cryptids demon dude ver 1 by davidrapozaart-d5jyye0

Alukother is a bounty hunter, serving for the highest payer. With the spheres of Suffering and Blood, he is quite the God, causing even the bravest mortals to cry in fear when they hear the sound of his metallic claws slamming against the walls of their houses.

Alukother also serves as a brilliant interrogator, causing the most loyal of demi-gods and Gods to spill everything they know...and then put out of their misery.



  • The Horrors of Your Mind:Every 5 rounds, Alukother's opponents will begin to see their worst fears and memories circling around them, distracting them. -1 for each image, stacks to -3.
  • That Other Ability: Alukother's opponents will get a -1 when rolling lower than a 4, but a +1 when rolling higher than 3.