Backstory Edit


Originally,  Arghmor was a lowly Deck Swabber for a weak little dinghy called "The Fresh Daisy" but one day, when the captain was drunk off his Assmor he challenged Arghmor to a duel to the death. Arghmor wielded his mop with an unknown fury and, with the Blessing of Arak-thur, he knocked the captain overboard and a random WHALE appeared and ate him. Since then, Arghmor had been minding his business, praying to Arak for safety against sharks and such, when one day he was the most badass pirate there ever was. He was so Pirate-y that a few demigods challenged him at once and through trickery and a few shots from a flintlock, he escaped as the god of Pirates. Now he just does what he did, on a larger scale.

Since his entering the world of Myth, he has encountered Arak-Thur, the lord of Animals who has since died. At the moment, he's fighting against the god Rory of the Forge