Argo, Blaze Raiser is a minor God of Magma/Lava, serving loyally under Embrax. He plotted with Embrax both to release the fire ancient and to betray Traxis, being one of his minor God followers.

History Edit

The Blaze Raiser first made an appearance when Zukra was fighting Riasond and Riven. He helped save Zukra and beat the two Gods back, meanwhile empowered by Embrax who at this time was facing off against Nythris, the God of Bone. Argo helped in several battles, and soon enough came back into play with a fairly major role, clinging onto Vorcrax and turning into magma, his heated form oozing over the ice God, who was much unaffected, although unknown to Argo, until the elites were teleported away, and Argo was blocked from the teleportation.

Personality Edit

As Embrax's servant, nothing less is expected from Argo than full loyalty to the fire god, which Embrax presents with respect and honor. Like Embrax, Argo has a fiery temper and is quite hot-headed, easily enraged. The rest of his personality is not described or shown in detail.

Appearance Edit

Argo appears as a flaming humanoid form, with magma and fire seeping throughout his body and skeleton, with a wicked grin and eyes like a Jack-O-Lantern,

Powers Edit

Turning into magma is one of Argo's known abilities, as well as manipulating and using magma in attacks against other Gods. He is also, being a minor God, not very powerful.