Azoth, the Eternal is the God of Chaos, and formerly worked for Traxis in the war. Though he had plans of betrayal, they were halted by Traxis himself, who used Azoth's death to gain favour the God of Death.

History Edit

Once, Azoth, before the reign of the Royals, led a small force to cause chaos in the land of Myth. As he did so, he was confronted by Embrax, the Elemental of Fire, who wished to spare the land and dueled Azoth. He eventually lost, and fled as the God of Chaos trudged forward with his force, until suddenly, due to an unknown circumstance, his advance halted.

Personality Edit

Azoth is known for his chaotic evil personality, and his desire for chaos to claim the world, as well as extermination for all mortals among Myth. Azoth is mainly an unpredictable God, his next action often known to no other, and he enjoys killing, even his own servants. He is also known to be insane and with high goals, nearly impossible for most other normal Gods to achieve. Evil takes over as his main personality trait besides chaotic, as the chaos lord finds torture to be amusing.

Appearance Edit

Azoth appears as a heavily armored humanoid, wearing a helmet with curving horns at either side, covering much, if not all, of his face. His eyes are purely white, with some sort of white fire blazing from them. His armor looks to be brutally torn apart in some places, and he appears to have claw-type fingers protruding from his gauntlets, and his armor is mostly black and silver, if not all.

Powers Edit

Much of Azoth's powers are unknown. He is known to be able to charge blasts of pure chaos energy, which can devastate an opponent heavily. A sphere heavily alike to insanity, Chaos has a similar, if not the same, ability; Azoth can fire a bolt at an opponent, and if successful disrupting an opponent's charge or teleportation. He wields a weapon that can change form, which was later taken by Traxis himself. Its ultimate fate is unknown, though it is presumed that Traxis himself made use of it or gave it to one of his loyal followers.

Chaos blasts, as well as the chaos factor which assists in his weapon's shifting and transformation, are included in his power.