There is almost nothing known or to know about Chaos, except that it is a bottomless pit, full of absolute heat and crimson energy, where nothing, even a god, is able to escape its eternal clutches. It is unknown how to get to chaos, or if there is a portal, but not even Traxis, the most powerful dark god around, can enter the realm of chaos and leave again, instead being trapped inside for eternity. It is equivalent to disorder, fire, creation, and other synonyms to represent the polar opposite to the Void.

Information Edit

Chaos is the level below Night. An endless pit, nothing can escape from it, not even a god. Not even the most powerful of Gods, including royals, are able to make it out, instead being dragged down. The endless pull of chaos can drag anyone down who comes too close, and Demigods and even some Gods cannot even come close to chaos without being sucked in, so most Gods with good intentions try to avoid even coming near the realm itself. it is possible that due to the pull, gravity is stronger in Night.