RIP Bone Man

Died page something By Embrax


Died page something by Zukra


Died page 23 by Axial


Died Page 39 something by Rory

Rip Drega'Mire

Died page 40 by a fucking dragon AND DEATH.

RIP Rory Jr.

Died page 42 by Death

RIP Mordred

Died page 42 by Death

RIP Felix

Died page 51 by Ouroborus

RIP Uxol

Died page 56 to Axial(?)/Death

RIP Tol'Reth'Mus

Died page 59 by Axial        

RIP Nulmik

Died page 60 by Jurallia  

Rip Muran

Died page something by Alorn

RIP Arak-thur

Died page 70 something by Badass

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