Ebony, Bringer of Disease, is the Goddess of Disease. Ebony remained in the slums, which she considered her own territory, where she could kill off mortals easily and bring plague to them and their families.

History Edit

Choosing a place where she could inflict plague most definately, Ebony chose the slums to spread her plague as it was a very dirty and populated area before the corruption took over. She met resistance from a couple of other Gods, but most did not bother to interfere with her plans, especially ones with dark spheres like hers. After the war had begun, Aldis agreed not to send any Gods to resist against Ebony's freedom to spread plague as long as she stayed and kept the plague to one area of the slums, where she was assigned to.

Ebony gained the sphere of beauty at an unknown time. Afterwards, she began to take pride in her beauty, which led to arrogance about her appearance, rather than what she was created to do. Ebony was present at the time when Axial's body was overtaken by his spheres, and she later was evicted from her home territory when Alorn corrupted the area, forcing her to leave. She then released the Beauty sphere in hopes of it finding a better host, and in hopes of doing what she did best. Who gained the beauty sphere as of now is not mentioned.

Personality Edit

Ebony is one to hold grudges, against those who insult or harm her, and will vow to kill anyone who interferes with plans she has, especially when attempting to kill a certain God. She will keep coming back, even when defeated, to slowly eat away at one who she wishes to kill, until that being is too weak to continue fighting the disease which slowly overtakes their body. Ebony will then go for the killing blow, having weakened them enough for it to be near impossible to resist. Overall, Ebony enjoys deceiving those who she believes are unworthy with her form of beauty, before she shows her true colours and strikes, usually leaving no traces of her kill behind. Ebony also is very boastful, and holds herself, and her beauty, quite highly.

Appearance Edit

Ebony, in her normal form, wears a long, flowing crimson red dress, with long, beautiful black hair that falls to her waist. To most mortals, her appearance will easily deceive, though she can transform into whatever anyone finds most appealing. Her skin is cold and pale, and her eyes change colour, blue when attempting to appeal to someone, and red in her true form, and when she is angered or fighting.