Fallen by sandara

Epiates is the God of Nightmares, sharing an entity with Oveipa. Though they are not the same god entirely, Epiates is forced out of his form when in daytime, instead morphing into Oveipa. For a long time, Epiates and Oveipa have wished to separate, seeking assistance from other gods in order to do so efficiently, without destroying both.

History Edit

Fairly recently in the war, Epiates wished to join Traxis but had no choice, as his dual personality with Oveipa would cause him to be killed or shunned. Anything he would find out could be discovered by Oveipa who would use the dual personality to her advantage, so both him and Oveipa remained neutral, both for the same reasoning.

Personality Edit

When in its nightmare persona the god has a generally dark attitude, often enjoying the fall of people going to insane because of his doing. He is pretty cynical and doesn't get along which much anyone. Epiates is very creepy and frightening, loving when people think dark thoughts because of this. Basically the opposite of Oveipa persona.

Appearance Edit

Epiates appears as a muscular man with gray-ish skin, and long, feathered black wings spreading out from his back, wearing dark gray trousers and having long, thick black hair.

Powers Edit

Epiates is only known to be able to inject nightmares into another, both inside and outside of battle.