God of evanescence by sakimichan-d4rzbmh

Forlat is a master magician, harnessing powers of all branches of magic as well as some more unknown sides. Forlat hosts the spheres of Magic, Trickery, and Deception.

History Edit

Forlat joined the Royal Council at an unknown time, presumably sometime before the war at hand, eventually rising at some point to the Inner Circle, due to both his loyalty and his power, harnessing many tiers of different magic types and spells. He is, however, the least trusted of the Inner Circle, due to his spheres of Trickery and Deception, and the balance of magic between good and evil. He was first introduced when Alorn's Corruption Army faced off against Death's Army, jumping into the fight to trap Death, which succeeded, resulting in Death's short demise.

Eventually, Forlat came into play once more when Quikk and Rory broke into Zarith's museum, attracting Forlat's attention. Teleporting to the location after a council meeting was disrupted, Forlat arrived just in time to combat Quikk, though he was not only stunned in the end, but knocked out for several hours before he was dragged to the museum's prison, protected by Quikk's enchantments after it was taken over by the elite.

Personality Edit

The Magnificent is known to be quite unpredictable, with a hint of deceit in his personality, being the God of Deception. His tactic is often to deceive an enemy using his spheres of trickery and deception, while landing a powerful blow or trapping an opponent in a designated area, specifically created by the magician himself. His unpredictability also leads others to believe him to be untrustworthy, though Forlat has shown no hostile actions or thoughts towards Aldis or anyone of the same side. Forlat prefers to remain loyal to whoever he deems right in the situation, however he is still untrusted, even by some of the royal council. He is also known to prove a valuable ally in battle, usually making a duo with Harot, the God of Justice.

Appearance Edit

The God of Magic appears with an elven appearance, with long, golden colored hair with shimmering green streaks in places. He wears pearl white gloves with an emerald ring, as well as a light brown cloak and green and white attire underneath. His skin is also shown to be engraved with glowing green markings. His ears are very long and pointy, like an elf's.

Powers Edit

Forlat's powers are generally accepted and known as a massively wide range of powers relating to and stemming from magical association. This includes the usage of elemental magic, spells, enhancements, and many more other options. Renowned as one of the strongest Gods to utilize this selection of powers in any way, shape, or form, Forlat has surprisingly, potentially aided by his spheres of Deceit and Trickery, kept his range of powers a secret as many still believe that he can only conjure spells (albeit powerful ones), magical charges, and things of the sort.