Haruka, Lord of Nature

Gender Edit

He is a male.

Personality Edit

He is free flowing and loyal to his commander.

Appearance Edit

He usually will appear as a man, around 6"4 with a medium build. He has chocolate brown messy hair and has green eyes He does have battle scars on his lip and on his cheek. His clothing, if not in battle is usually green leaves stitched together to make clothing. But if in combat, Haruka wears blue armor, that symbolizes the water, made from a strange blue metal, his sword, which he named Nature's sword that is supposed to symbolize grass and leaves, is made from another strange green metal.

Bio Edit

Haruka was minding his own business in forests and other nature sites, only being summoned to fight by Aldis if really needed.

OOC Edit

Just so you guys know I did this rushed here. I might edit it time to time so yeah

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