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Legath is the God of Shadows, and known widely as one of the three Traxian Warlords, a group of three Gods who possess strength of an insane, extraordinary level far beyond that of a normal God or even an Elder.

History Edit

Legath debuted originally during the first arc, when he and an army of Traxis assaulted the Sanctuary of Wisdom. He fought Astallia after Embrax confronted him, easily passing Embrax off as no threat at all despite his glowing and powerful presence. The Shadow God easily, with the help of Morbus and Madalenna, defeated the Wisdom Goddess and took her prisoner. Later, he showed up for the battle against Alorn soon after he had been given the sphere of Treason/Betrayal.

Personality Edit

Untrusted by most, and himself very untrusting, Legath is, being the God of Shadows, cunning and sly, somewhat untrustworthy to most but Traxis. He allows his enemies to grow confident, acting weak at first, however showing his true power when they are most vulnerable. He relies on deceit and illusions to fool his enemies. After he gained the sphere of Treason, the traits he gained only enhanced his deceiving and cunning personality, causing him to become one of the least trusted Gods in Myth, by all but Traxis himself, who still had hope in Legath, even after he called the elites in to retreat from the battle, losing him the first act of the war. He is known to be somewhat annoyed of failure, especially when it is his.

Appearance Edit

As part of his deceiving personality, Legath takes the form of a mortal, with black robes and a cloak. He occasionally wears black and silver armor when in battle, but usually is unarmored, relying more on magic. His hair is flat, but somewhat messy, and dark brown. His eyes are steel gray. When his hood is over his face, his face becomes invisible to all others, instead showing only shadow. DO IT PERFECTLY.

Powers Edit

Legath is known to be a proficient magic user, with the magic of darkness, shadows, and illusions. His abilities allow him to sense easily if any illusion is a fake, and which is real, as well as create undetectable illusions himself. He is also able to cloak, a signature ability, using shadows, allowing him to become completely invisible to others around him. He is unfazed by sneak attacks, and able to plant thoughts of betrayal into one's mind.