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Lilian is one of the oldest and most powerful goddess's in Myth and sits alongside the other gods of Aldis's Inner Circle.

She has long predicted Aldis's victory but also warned that many paths along the way could change that victory into defeat and does her best to predict the enemies movements and actions, guiding Aldis. She is the protector of old, dangerous knowledge as well that gods like Kinachi and Astalia would die to get ahold of, but has long since sworn an oath to never pass on her secrets.

History Edit

Lilian's history has been lost through past generations, untold by the goddess herself, who refused to share the secrets of her past, and unknown to or forgotten by the other gods from her age who still live on to this day. Though she is the prophet and the teller of truth, her prophecies often are altered or changed, resulting in a different outcome in the future. Even so, she is the most trusted god on the inner circle, believing Aldis to have taken the right path, and she has long since fought on his side.

Soon, in the first act of the war, during the battle with the four armies, Lilian trapped Uxol in a ritual circle, chanting a ritual to heal Uxol of his connection to Death. This succeeded eventually, after some struggle, and Uxol was healed, and Death soon lost the fight, being temporarily killed himself.

Personality Edit

Lilian is a woman (Or Goddess) of truth. Intelligent and hopeful, Lilian almost never lies, being the Truth-Teller of Aldis. She is known to input hope into her allies and fellow Gods, boosting their morale in battle and giving them a higher possible chance at victory.

Appearance Edit

The Truth-Teller is a gorgeous woman with long, black hair, and wearing several articles of jewelry as well as a light blue dress sleeveless dress.

Powers Edit

Lilian is known to instill hope into others, as well as detect any kind of lie. She can also force any enemy to reveal themselves as long as she has knowledge of their presence, and she can also see into the future, though these prophecies can be altered.