Act I : Death VS CorruptionActuro the SwiftAldis
Alorn, The CorrupterAlukother, The Untraceable KillerAmanzi
Arghmor, the Bullship CaptainArgo, Blaze RaiserAstalia, The Keeper of Wisdom
Axial, God of LightningAzoth, The EternalBrutus, the Guardian
ChaosDeath, Bane of ManDeceased
Drega'Mire, the Reborn SoulEaster EggsEbony, Bringer of Disease
Embrax, God of FireEpiates, God of NightmaresExotis, Eye of the Soul
Forlat the MagnificentGod of BoneHarot the Just
Haruka, Lord of NatureJarod, Keeper of the DeadJoruscel, the Man of Two
Jurallia, Mother of StormsKayastor, King of InsanityKinacha, Keeper of Monstrosities
Legath, The Shadow's VeilLilian, Truth-TellerLocations
Lorea, Goddess of WarMaddalena, the IrresistableMak'Ruth, the Chains of Eternity
Mallia, Harbinger of LifeMalrax, the MemorialMalyc, the Watching Eye
MapMuran, the Solar MasterMyth
NightNomani of SoundNulmik, the Tendril of Betrayal
Ouroboros, God of StrengthOveipa, Goddess of DreamsPotential Beings
Quikk, The EnchanterRamikorn The Unbeatable.Rory, Master of the Forge
Tears Of The Gods WikiThe Fire AncientThe Lowlands
The QuarterlandsThe SidesThe Terrace
The WarlordsThomas, the ProtectorTol'Reth'Mus, The Harbinger of the Astral
TraxisUmoyaUxol, the Broken Tether
Zarith, the Gate KeeperZenth, the Perfect PredatorZukra, Emperor of Night
Zunes, The Fool of Aldis
File:261px-MAP.jpgFile:26582.jpgFile:2D-Art-Tsad-De-Lira-The-wizard-with-his-pet-ghoulfish zps894b8bf8.jpg
File:455px-Earth Elemental.jpgFile:7.jpgFile:933358cd36939345bbf85391134e1741.jpg
File:93ca78314efa702216b2b1a2b502ccdb.jpgFile:Af7771ddec12968ad07913106f405ede.jpgFile:Air colossus by amorphisss-d3itlsl.jpg
File:Angel Eyes by JunkbyJen.jpgFile:Art-nanfe-devushka-strast.jpgFile:Astalia.jpg
File:Blue Beast Lightning.jpgFile:Cganimationfierylavademon.jpgFile:Daemon King by hunqwert.jpg
File:Dahaka1vn1.jpgFile:Dark ritual by devburmak-d7utenw.jpgFile:Depression.jpg
File:EkELuzE.jpgFile:Fallen by sandara.jpgFile:Fantasy-Art-OXAN-Studio-Hereos-vs-Sea-God.jpg
File:FantasyFirePhoenix.jpgFile:God of Emotions.jpgFile:God of evanescence by sakimichan-d4rzbmh.jpg
File:Image-1.jpgFile:Image.jpgFile:Inner power by sakimichan-d533n03.jpg
File:Jorus.jpgFile:Jurallia.jpgFile:Legend of the cryptids demon dude ver 1 by davidrapozaart-d5jyye0.jpg
File:Lord-of-chaos.jpgFile:MAP.jpgFile:Mage by JoeSlucher.jpg
File:Mallia.jpgFile:Mausoleum BW1.jpgFile:Memory God.png
File:Nariko Goddess of War by Shiramune-0.jpgFile:Nazgul by imentertainment-d4dxfk0.pngFile:Pirate.jpeg
File:R169 457x256 20401 The Goddess Naaz 2d fantasy girl woman portrait goddess picture image digital art.jpgFile:REDWIC.jpgFile:Red-dress.jpg
File:Royalguard by mabuart-d38bgcz.jpgFile:Scary monster-1024x561.jpgFile:Shadow King by Versica12.jpg
File:Skeleton lord by paburo san-d7wvvyd.jpgFile:Tears of the Gods.jpgFile:Thor-god-of-thunder.jpg
File:Van Helsing Werewolf.jpgFile:W6 item2.jpgFile:Wallpaper Purphoros God ofthe Forge 2560x1600.jpg
File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wizard by tira owl-d79s1u0.jpgFile:Zunes.jpg

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