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Muran, the Solar Master is the God of the Sun and Heat. He served Aldis in the war, due to his sphere being more related to light and overall more useful to Aldis rather than Traxis. He was hunted by Embrax and eventually killed by Alorn, who corrupted the sphere of the sun and took the sphere of heat, later proving to be an asset when he resurrected Tol.

History Edit

Muran was known among the general populace of Myth to be honorable, and one of Aldis' most loyal supporters. Mainly, he had a rivalry with Riasond, the God of the Moon, Despair, and Curses, though this was not seen much. He first became a God for an unknown reason and attained the spheres of Sun and Heat during this happening. Muran consulted with Astalia, who had allowed him to cope with the burden and stress of not only becoming a God, but now with no knowledge of his powers having a rivalry with another, more powerful God; Riasond. Astalia presumably helped Muran throughout these troubles, though the two were not seen together much during the actual storyline.

Desperately wanting to play a part in the war against Traxis and show his loyalty to Aldis, Muran attempted to find a way to make plans to bring a large failure to the dark lord. Eventually his attempts were halted by Alorn, who found the Sun God and began to fight him. Muran escaped in a hurry but then was later found again by Alorn, who in his mist form had followed Muran, finally beheading him. His sphere, along with Riasond's and Tol's, was later used to resurrect Tol with Astral Ascension.

Personality Edit

Calm, collected, and very proud, Muran was like the sun. Muran was bright and intelligent, knowing a way and a justifiable answer to most problems. Being a very warm God, Muran took pride in both his own, and others' accomplishments, being very kind towards others despite his brute, slightly dark appearance. Finally, Muran was also known to be more of an attention seeking God, especially when in the presence of important leaders such as Aldis or Lorea. As thought by most of Myth, Muran was also quite honorable, and very loyal to Aldis.

Appearance Edit

With long, white, shoulder length hair, Muran carries several weapons along his belt and lower half. He is quite muscular, and engravings are carved into his bare chest and arms. He does not wear anything on the top half of himself, besides some leather on his right arm. He wears mostly brown on his lower half.

Powers Edit

Muran can negate the effects of spheres such as Blizzards, Ice, Cold, and other cold/ice related spheres against himself, although these attacks will also likely negate the effects of his heat sphere as well. Muran is empowered by the sun and can possibly extract power from harsh sunlight. His sphere of sun was later corrupted by Alorn.