The World of Myth, also known as the Land of the Mythical, is the land where all demigods and gods reside, though living in several different parts of Myth. Though no true mortals reside in the lands, they are indeed influenced in their own world by the happenings in the world of the Gods.

Information Edit

All demigods and Gods reside in Myth, and though no true mortals do, they are influenced by the happenings in the world. To some Gods, however, demigods can be considered mortals, leading Gods to disgrace them as a whole as beings. After Axial's outrage, Axial's pulses were so powerful that the slums broke off into its own island, later corrupted by Alorn so that anyone who entered would be torn apart by the corruption. Myth has multiple moons as well, as this was implied and stated several times throughout the story, one of which was brought down onto the lowlands, which was the cause of the slums' separation.

Myth includes several pieces of land, the largest being the quarterlands, where most high-class and medium-class Gods reside. The lowlands is where low-class gods and demigods are forced to reside, while the terrace is where the highest class Gods, royal family, and heroes of Myth all reside. Of course, in Myth, there is Night, the equivalent of the underworld, with demons lurking in every corner, a place where only those with permission may roam unharmed. And then there is Chaos, the infinite realm with many names, where no one, God or not, has come out alive.