Nulmik is a lowly scoundrel. No heinous act, no lie, no betrayal, is too low for him to carry out. Willing to do anything and everything to stay alive, the Tendril has no dignity and no shame. It is heavily implied that Nulmik was perfectly willing to sincerely betray Traxis, and that his attempts to convince Axial were not mere trickery. Nulmik was never seen in combat for long, and has surrendered or begged his way out of the fights he encountered.

History Edit

Nulmik was a God who served under Traxis, lacking the power of an elite and staying at Traxis' side as an advisor. Nulmik had planned with Traxis to capture Axial and regain Night, and attempted to make his way into the inner circle of Aldis. He first appeared when Lorea entered the realm of Night. Lorea had commanded him to leave, however Nulmik did not obey, instead stalking Lorea throughout Night and easily surrendering to her in the fight against the demon beast Jeffrey. Nulmik was captured by the warden successfully after attempting to reveal Traxis' plans to Aldis, though it is unknown if this was planned or not. Nulmik was finally killed after fighting Azoth and Jurallia, after he gave his sphere for his own life, though unknown to the God taking the sphere would cause him to vanish from existence, further exterminating the Tendril of Betrayal.

Personality Edit

Nulmik is quite cowardly, and will retreat from almost any battle in which his life could be at risk. Though he helped Traxis to plan Aldis' demise, it is also implied that he may have wanted to betray Traxis after all to save himself, believing Traxis had not a chance in the war and that the plan had little chance to work. Nulmik is very low and will betray anyone if it means saving his own life.

Appearance Edit

Nulmik appears to be a slim, slender being, seemingly made completely of shadows. He has very small green eyes which are barely visible, though they are indeed present.

Powers Edit

Nulmik is known to be able to convince others to betray their allies, using some of his powers. He is not in the least fazed by sneak attacks or betrayal, being able to sense either beforehand. Planting thoughts of betrayal into an opponent's mind after finding a focal point to flood their mind, Nulmik can turn an enemy on anyone else, though this does not always stop them from attacking Nulmik himself as seen when Nulmik used this attack on Azoth, who had attacked both Jurallia and Nulmik.