Van Helsing Werewolf

Ouroboros in his human form.

Ouroboros is the God of Strength and Lycanthropy. He eventually became Lorea's loyal servant after a long and hard fought battle, leading his army of Lycans to victory in the first act of the war. He first served under Traxis in the war until he switched sides due to his agreement with Lorea for the duel of the ancients.

History Edit


Personality Edit

Ouroboros is brunt and hard headed, relying more on brute strength than magical or armed combat and intelligence to bring down an enemy. His strength strongly outweighs his intelligence, though not implying that he is of low intelligence. He is also bloodthirsty and enjoys brutally tearing apart an enemy before he and his pack feast on the body.

Appearance Edit

In what could be considered his main form, Ouroboros appears as a muscular man with a long, black, billowing torn cloak covering his body. A sword hangs off of his back and he has a dark brown beard, and short, brown, slightly spiked up hair. In his second, transformed form, he appears as a heavily overmuscled werewolf, with dark gray hair and hungry yellow eyes, with long white fangs.

Powers Edit

Ouroboros is, being the God of Strength, physically stronger than most, if not all Gods, besides perhaps Traxis himself. He is able to call his pack in battle to fight with him, as well as grow to match an enemy's size. He can also shake off any negative effects at the loss of any positive effects, and he can inflict either luck or bad luck onto himself or an enemy. When he has just come out of transformation, he is empowered by the energy absorbed.