Angel Eyes by JunkbyJen

Oveipa is the Goddess of Dreams. While being nearly a different Goddess entirely, she shares her entity as a whole with another, named Epiates. Oveipa is often active at day, while Epiates is often active at night. The two have forever since their unification longed to be separated, seeking help from other Gods.

History Edit

As Oveipa shared an entity (but not sphere) with Epiates for an unspecified length of time, she was unable to participate in the war due to her dual personality, which caused any sides which she would side on to become uneasy.

Personality Edit

When in its dream persona the goddess has a generally cheerful attitude, who is very generous as she blesses even the darkest of people at times with beautiful dreams. She is of good-heart and sometimes her generosity may seem as a curse, knowing you may never achieve such a thing. Basically the opposite of Epiates persona. However, this personality changes whenever she becomes Epiates, at night, becoming more vicious and malevolent towards other gods, and the other personality.

Appearance Edit

Oveipa appears as a black haired woman with caucasian skin, as well as two large white wings sprouted from her back.

Powers Edit

Most of her powers unseen, it is known that Oveipa has the ability to insert beautiful dreams into another's mind.